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NieR: Automata’s strongest qualities are its narrative and characters. What pushes Automata’s story to greater heights in which people will be talking about it for a long time is how Automata visually and mechanically through unique game play represents the story. While Platinum Games does a commendable job on the basic free world combat, it’s the hacking mini game that comes into play that escalates the story into another level. You play as an android and Automata knows it. How it tackles representing thoughts and concepts of the android mind is nothing but fascinating and uniquely fun. I will concede though, it does get repetitive at times.

Hacking aside, the characters of 2B, 9S, and A2 stories are wonderfully told. Never have I wanted to fight for a bunch of inappropriately dressed video game characters for a long time. Equally as good are the boss battles. The music and the ever-changing game play all come together for some memorizing and engaging boss battles. The side quests are a hit or a miss though in terms of being fun, but at least they contribute to the overall world building.

Wrapped around an amazing story and characters is the godly music of Automata raining straight down from the heavens themselves. Awe inspiring and euphoric at times, I can be driven to do anything with this OST playing in the background, it’s just that powerful. Not since Chrono Cross’s OST have I been infatuated with a video game soundtrack.

It’s just a huge disappointment Automata isn’t getting the full attention it deserves. Most reviewers obviously never completed the game to its ONLY ending, ending E. The other 25 endings are either gimmicks or not real endings, calling these “endings” is what hurts the game the most, it gives the false impression you’re done. It would have been best if the credits never rolled in all honesty for ending A where I’ve seen many players stop and called it for the game. As for the rest of us that’s completed Automata to its final closing, we know we have a masterpiece here, faults and all.

Rating: 10/10

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