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The real gems of this game are the field and turbo boosters. Even with the game running six times the normal speed, I still have a complete time of 60 hours. I could not imagine finishing this game without it.

I’d say for 80% of the game I was just going through the motion. The story and characters were okay, nothing standing out for a long time. It’s the last 20% when I began to get a taste as to why people revere these games as much as they do. The story was coming together and really intriguing. Yes it ends on a huge cliff hanger but whatever, nothing throwing $20 for the sequel can’t solve.

The battle system is okay, what can I say, it’s running at six times the normal speed. How people trudged through this without boosters is insane. I wish the chibi characters wasn’t a thing, but oh well. Off to the sequel I go.

Rating: 8/10

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